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panki, kanpur


In this vedic and historic town of Kanpur there is place named Panki presently inside the Kanpur municiple limits and is about eight Km from the Kanpur railway station and main bus stand. The place has an electric power generating station, which supplies to the northern grid. While the place Bithoor is connected with Saint Valmiki this place Panki is linked to Hanumanji. Where ever Lord Ram’s name is chanted there you can see Hanumanji. Any place connected with the ancient epic Ramayana is not ‘purnam’ without mention of Hanumanji. The place Panki has a wonderful ancient temple for Hanumanji. An excellent power generator and sustainer!

 This temple 350 year old, they does not boost any attractive sculpture, but the nearby tortoise pond in which very large Quantity of tortoise. 





The temple of Lord Hanumanji 
The temple of Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular temples in this region. He draws lot of devotees from all over the country and their wishes are heard and fulfilled by the Lord. He showers His blessings on the devotees who come here with full devotion and absolute faith.

Built on a sprawling land with great elevation, and huge towering ‘kumbas’ are under construction. There are three entrances to the temple from East, North, and West sides and the temple is a magnificent sight from distance itself.

The History of the temple 
Although no authentic evidence regarding the history of the temple is available, yet as per the legendary, temple is about three to four hundred years old and The temple had been founded by Mahant Sri Sri 1008 Purushottam Dasji Maharaj. Period mention is older than that of the rule of Raja Hindu Singh who laid the foundation of a village called ‘Kanhapur’ (present Kanpur) on the auspicious occasion of Janamashtami. As per public ascertainment, once upon a time Mahant Sri Sri 1008 Purushottam Dasji Maharaj was on a pilgrimage to Chitrakoot. Traveling on a bullock cart, near Chitrakoot Mahant stopped for his morning prayers and on finishing of his prayer and prepared to proceed on his journey, Mahant stumbled upon a rock like object. To his astonishment that was an idol of Lord Hanuman, and by divine intuition he felt that Lord Hanuman wanted him to carry the idol with him. Since he was proceeding towards the holy place Bithoor, the place where Saint Valmiki’s Ashram was there. Following this divine direction, Mahant picked up the idol, kept it in his bullock cart with all reverence and continued his journey towards Bithoor.

   panki hanuman temple, kanpurAfter some days of journey when the convoy was just ten koj(fifteen Kms appox.) away from Bithoor, Mahant found that the bullock cart was not moving and the bullocks were finding the load of car heavy. Failing all efforts Mahant decided to rest the bullocks for a while. After putting the bullocks to rest Mahant also took a light nap. During the rest Mahant again perceived that the idol of the Lord giving him a divine direction to consecrate the place and install the idol there itself. Mahant deemed this as a divine order and installed (Predeshta) the idol at the very same place with the help of the locals. The place is now known as Panki. Then on the locals started worshiping the Lord Hanumanji at the installed place. In time to come a small temple came up with the help of the locals and came to be known as Panki temple of Lord Hanuman. Now it is very popular, as even the desires perceived difficult to achieve by devotees will be fulfilled (assadhya sadhaka swamin) with the worship of Panki Hanumanji. As the fame spread around, the temple became more and more popular and now devotees from all over the country are visiting this holy shrine. At present, the Panki temple is known as one of the very famous temple of Lord Hanuman in Uttar Bharat.

Features of the vigraha 
When Aahirawan took away Lord Ram and Lakshman with him to patal lok and confined them there, Lord Hanuman reaches for rescue of His Lord. Aahirawan vat takes place. The idol of Lord Hanuman inside Panki temple reflects the expression of Lord as was at that very moment. The idol of the Lord is East facing in a quite atmosphere with lot of silver emboss art work done around the idol.

The Lord Hanuman here in Panki is seen as a gift from the celestial. It is seen to be wondered that the appearance of the face of the Lord changes thrice a day. With the raise of Sun in the morning the face of the Lord is seen as a Bala Hanuman (Balargha sathrusha annanaha) bright and childish. During noon the face of the Lord is seen as a youth ( Brahmachari). By evening the Lord Hanuman is seen as a Maha purush (thejasvee). 

When on pilgrimage or tour near Kanpur, make it a point to have a dharshan of the Panki Hanumanji at this holy temple, the triloka sanchari is awaiting as atrikala purusha to bless with the boon to fulfill your kamya


About Budhwa Mangal

Bada Mangal or Budhwa Mangal, an auspicious Tuesday dedicated to lord hanuman, is observed twice in a hindu year in north india. First Buda Mangal 2011 date is 29 march in chaitra  month and next one is on 6th sept 2011. The first Bada Mangal is observed in chaitra or Jayeshta or Jeth Month and the next once in Bhadrapad Month.

Bada Mangal is mainly observed in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh and nearby regions. The origin of the festival is traced to the Naya Hanuman Mandir at Aliganj in Lucknow.

Bada Mangal is the name for more specifically used to describe the first Tuesday in the month of Jayeshta or Jeth. A big fair is organized in the region during the period. The fair and the festival is believed to be more than 400 years old.

There are numerous theories regarding the origin of the Bada Mangal fair. One legend suggests that the child of the Nawab of the region fell ill and doctors were unable to cure the child. The wife of the Nawab took the child to different places in the hope of find a solution to the child’s illness. One day during her search she met the priest of the Naya Hanuman Mandir at Aliganj. The priest asked her to leave the child before the Hanuman idol in the temple and come back later.

With the blessings of Lord Hanuman, the child recovered. The mother could not believe her eyes. The wife of the Nawab wanted to make an offering at the temple. The priest suggested that instead of making an offering it would be better if she could arrange a fair here as it would lead to the economic prosperity of the region.

Since then the tradition of observing Bada Mangal is followed and it attracts thousands of people.


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